dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The further Adventures of Kool-Aid Nation.

As you know, Lynn has for the last few years had a letter column on her home page that she mistakenly calls her blog. The interesting thing about it is that it proves a point that I've made far too often for my peace of mind; you see, she can make no statement so absurd, reveal no bias too ridiculous or create no plot twist so insane that she won't have someone pipe up and congratulate her for it. As an example, her recent simpering that Lawrence wants to throw a monkey wrench in his mother's love life because he's selfish and wants her to be alone resulted in smug agreement from one of her favorite lickspittles. Similarly, we have people who don't see that Thérèse is far more sinned against than sinning, people who want April waterboarded because she selfishly demands that her voice be acknowledged than put her faith in people they don't want to admit are faithless, people who agree that the whining, negligent jerk Mike is a great dad and even people who think that the morose, clueless, humorless toad Assthony is a great catch. The reason I follow it so closely is the same reason I don't simply abandon following the strip: I like trainwrecks!
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