dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Phil versus Elly's ambitions.

As we all know, John really doesn't think that Elly is going to get her Bachelor of Arts degree any time soon; that's because he does things that are unfair and cruel and hateful. Those heartless things he does are called 'remembering the past' and 'drawing a logical conclusion.' He knows from experience that Elly's proud boastings always give way to whining about how hard the assigned material is and how the teacher is out to get her followed by her quitting in frustration and blaming him and the children for not being supportive of a thing she's not really serious about. We're about to be reminded that someone has had decades more experience of having Elly sneer at for plugging away at something because she thinks that dedication is for suckers; that's because Phil makes an offhand comment that echoes something John once said about learning something that she has some chance of actually using. That's because, as I said, he and his parents have dealt with Elly's smugness, victimism and defeatism for a lot longer than John has. He's also had to deal with the fact that a lazy, entitled blowhard who isn't going anywhere in life because she's too gutless to do anything doesn't respect what he does for a living longer as well.
Tags: elly versus her parents, john - grinning weirdo, phil: bee and bop king

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