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The respect issue.

You can tell a lot about a person by who he or she does or doesn't respect. As by way of example, let's see who Elly Patterson respects and who she doesn't have time for. First off, let's look at the people who impress her:

  • Michael: Were he to become the features editor he was meant to be, Elly wouldn't give him the time of day; since he's a ploddingly inept author, he's worthy of praise.
  • Liz: As a teacher, Lizardbreath makes a damned good bike courier; were she to do the latter and excel, Elly would regard her as a failure.
  • Anthony: We see a morose, shit-stupid, whiny, marriage-destroying, self-absorbed, passive bucket of sludge; Elly sees a go-getter as well as the ideal son-in-law.
  • Iris: You and I would call her a fool-hardy, slow-witted stubborn ignoramus who not only didn't have the least clue what Jim was thinking, she actively impaired his recovery by disregarding the advice of the therapists because, as a self-loathing moron, she wouldn't admit that a girl would have anything worth saying. Elly regarded the blundering, simpering mess as a guardian Angel
  • Connie: This spidery, man-hungry, hatefully arrogant, self-pitying, bullying, blustering, child-tyrannizing, ignorant, self-destructive vain load of sewage is regarded by Elly to be a wonderful human being.

Let's contrast this rogue's gallery of the weak, silly and fatuous with the people Elly deigns to despise:

  • Thérèse: It's not her being a career woman or standing in the way of getting a great deal on a hovercar that really bothers Elly about her; what bothers her is that she likes to work and she actively identifies concerns and suggests steps that stand every chance of remedying the problem.
  • Phil: When Elly makes her arch comments about his playing discordant noise, what she really means is that she thinks that he's a sucker for plugging away to excel at something instead of being like her and doing a crappy job that she hates.
  • April: She's pretty much vermin for the same reason as her uncle is; we also have to add in the fact that her dedication to things takes time away from Elly wallowing in self-pity.
  • Anne: Elly abandoned her in her hour of need for not making a clean break with her husband so as to get her life in order as well as give her frienemy a chance to crow about being right; the fact that their marriage works better now that it's based on reality means nothing to Ol'Flapandhonk.
  • Ted: Ted's skill as a doctor, dedication to his patients and trying to juggle his love life with what he thought was doing right by his mother mean nothing to Elly; all she sees is a jerk who mocks her pretenses.
  • Paul: In her mind, it's not that he's not Liz's kind that makes him unsuitable; he's not the right sort because he won't jump through hoops to please her capricious muttonhead of a daughter.
  • Jim: Not only did he constantly lay a bummer work-to-win trip on April and corrupt her, he had the temerity to suggest that Elly's problems were mostly of her own making.
  • Mira: She's a lot like Thérèse in that she can't stand how lazy, spoiled and soft the Pattersaints are and lets them know what displeases her and how they can fix it. She's also like Thérèse in that she's regarded as an unforgiveable annoyance. 
What this tells us is that Elly's thought patterns are warped by her need to not admit that she's a lazy, stupid, whiny, prickly, self-absorbed, paranoid failure who not only doesn't have it takes what to succeed, she also regards the mildest form of criticism as cause to hate people. A person not in love with thinking that everyone is either out to get her or harrumphing that the haters are all out of line for trying to make her see that she might be in the wrong would tend to respect the right people.
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