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On the prevention of name-calling...

As we know, Mike spent most of his youth indirectly lashing out at Elly for the perceived slight of favoring Lizzie over him by attacking the child he resented owing to his confused and confusing belief that she was being treated better. This not only took the form of being a snotty little creep who taunted her by implying that she didn't actually belong in the house, he'd also landed her with the deliberately hurtful nickname Lizardbreath. It seems to me that Elly missed a great chance to get the poor little twit to figure out that family is family so he should stop picking on his sister; that's because every so often, he comes home feeling bad because other people tease him and it hurts. A better parent would ask him if it hurts him, what does he think his doing it to others makes them feel. A child who's constantly reminded that his antics make other people feel just as bad as he does when he's the recipient of hatefulness isn't going to end up at an accident scene complaining because the EMTs are getting in the way of his award-winning shot. He also isn't going to spend the rest of his life thinking that since his feelings were hurt by having old ladies ignore him to fuss over someone who can get praise for burping or being punished for mistreating said perceived obstacle to the universe unfolding as it should, he can be a huge jerk to that person forever and always. All he'd need were parents who had the sense to reassure him that his concerns, while legitimate, were groundless. Too bad for him and everyone around him, his father is an ass and his mother reacts to his not answering her platitude the way she expects with mildly-baffled horror. My guess is that when Elly talks about being a loving parent, she's talking about her liberal application of irrelevant bromides to a problem; you and I might compare it to treating a severed limb with a Band-Aid but, since it IS all she can do, it's what we have to deal with.
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