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More on Elly's Night School....

It seems to me that I might have been a bit harsh on Elly assuming that she'd slacked off on her studies and married John so as to avoid facing the consequences of ignoring the Evil Dean of Students and his unfair letters about 'academic probation' and 'taking her studies seriously'; that's because forworse reminded me of a way in which Elly's finally getting her First Year English this year makes sense. It could well be that she was actually enrolled in something called a Bachelor of General Studies program because, well, either the English program was full up or she needed to fulfill a requirement that her high school in Vancouver didn't allow for. I should think that when she and John got married, she was one credit shy of getting her BGS; that's what last year's course was for and, well, she's slowly but surely picking up her BA in installments. If this is the case, she won't be the first sixty year old to have a BA dated 2011 hanging on her wall and she won't be the last. She also wouldn't be the first person to not mention a degree she didn't think counted; my guess is that if Mike, Liz or April ever discovered that she had a degree anyway, she'd tell them it was little more than a glorified high school diploma and talk about how her current studies were the ones that actually counted. The odd thing is that if I had to guess as to who finally reminded her that she was out of excuses and had to honor her parents' memory by getting that degree, I'd say it was the same evil-conflict causing man she thought told her she couldn't have an electric can opener ever because he (having never realized that she was lying when she said that she only wanted practical gifts) had actually bought one for Christmas. Granted, this would have been touched off by an awkward conversation that had him ask her two awkward questions he should have picked up on earlier. A man who could read people's body language better would not only have picked up on the fact that her absence of a degree made her feel unfit to be his wife a lot sooner; then again, he's also the same dolt who'd be blindsided by the realization that April had picked on her mother's strong subconscious wish to somehow erase the unneeded third child from history. Given John's slow thought processes and stubbornness, he'll be in his early seventies when he finally gets it through his thick skull that his youngest wasn't a spoiled little princess after all; he'll be seventy-five and dealing with a wife who's still fending off the dreaded question 'Now what?' when he admits that he was a selfish jackass when he said that his children owed him for a moral obligation. As I said before when I speculated on the future of Elly Patterson, Mature Student, we can thus look forward to an indeterminate future wherein the answer to the question "Now what?" is that Elly can stop complaining about how her family interfered with her schooling and start complaining about how little time she has to enjoy it.
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