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I dream of Georgia.....

I think that we can safely agree that unless he's arguing with Elly about their childhood and how she's magnified all the minor annoyances and petty acts of vengeance inspired by their mutual resentment into atrocities for which he should spend the rest of his life groveling to her in abasement, Phil Richards is a pretty upbeat guy. When his glass is not half-full, it's too large for the water contained; the problem, of course, is that he too shares the tendency to flake out on context and not be able to anticipate what people want. The big difference is that unlike Elly who thinks "I don't know what's going on but I'm sure all the bad people that surround me want to add to my many, many burdens", Phil thinks "Whoo-hoo! Hoop-ya! I can do whatever I want to!" The end result is that his good cheer is always and forever followed by "Aw, mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Why does Elly want to lay a bummer trip like that on me? I thought she was cool!" This habit Phil had of assuming that people were making a big deal over his harmless fun because they didn't know how to live ended one fine day when he learned that freedom wasn't as free as he thought it was; instead of outgrowing his vices like a sane person, he had to be scared into adulthood by a chest X-ray with a bunch of arrows pointing every which way. This makes him Canadian Larry Hagman and tends to make me think that he's the sort of obnoxious proof that no one is more aggravating than a convert. It would have been fun to watch him get in Elly's grill about how she tried killing their dad with kindness by feeding him comfort foods that no one at any age could digest but, well, Lynn had to remind us that John and Elly had to marry Liz off in a means that allowed them even more control of Gordo than they already have so they can get back all the money their children sponged off them growing uphow great Assthony was and how perfect he and Liz are together.
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