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Birth of a notion: a further look at April's origins....

Lynn's latest podcast was all about the mental processes that went into creating April; as expected, some old themes were revisited. First off, she'd talked about a vague desire for a third child and how as much as she'd wanted to have one, she just didn't have the time. Next, of course, is her reminding us that she'd expressed her concerns to Cathy Guisewite who'd advised her to simply create a child if she'd wanted one so badly. This is where we remind ourselves that Guisewite is her better in every respect; unlike Lynn, she can imagine how Elly and the family would cope with the out-of-the-blue arrival of a child at that stage of the game without having herself experienced it; this tells me that her answering Lynn's objections about how she'd have to actually experience something to write about it were tinged with a mild bit of confusion. It probably baffled Cathy that Lynn had that odd limitation. What we also had to contend with was Lynn contradicting herself without even realizing it; not only did she boast about coming up with a novel idea that she'd never been gone through herself seconds before telling us that she'd simply recycled all the gags from both the spec strips she'd sent the syndicate and the first year of the real story without noticing the contradiction, she'd simultaneously called April wholly fictional and yet another avatar for Katie. This means that we've got to figure out how much of each of the sisters is Katie and how much is Lynn, how Kate feels about having someone who looks like her arguing with someone who looks like someone she went to high school with knowing that they're both supposed to be her and, finally, how Lynn would react to having the contradictions pointed out.
Tags: lynn the blogger, picky-face martian princess creature, youtube goof

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