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Elly versus officialdom....

Let it not be said that Elly's inability to quite realize that Mrs Walsh's windy pronouncements about how seeing her name in print are reward enough actually mean "I'd like to pay you but I can't afford to" are her first encounter with authority figures that leave her credibility in tatters. Whenever Elly interacts with people in authority, her simplistic view of the world and unswerving belief that what she wants should take precendence over what is possible makes her life a mess. Take, for instance, her doomed attempt to apply for work at Philpott's department store; what happened was she tried to blow off the HR guy's reminder that she hasn't worked in a store in decades and hasn't kept up with the new technology by talking about how being a consumer gives her the right to do what she's not qualified to do; given that she really doesn't know how the world works, it's the fault of the evil, unfair old MAN that she didn't get a job she can't do. Good thing for her that a lot of the women in Milborough like to employ people who might as well be robots; were it not for the library's need for a drudge who can shelve books or Lily Petrucci's need for a clerk who can do slave labor without question, she'd have never gotten a paying job. As for her campaign to save the old Town Hall, it, while marginally useful, would have been easier to take were it not for her going in assuming that the jocks wanted to kill people like her. The only saving grace of all that paranoid energy was its being co-opted by a ward heeler with an ax to grind. Once Radcliffe declared that Elly's campaign was a great idea that he was glad was his idea and his alone, it ceased to be about Elly's fear that athletes would visit the annihilation upon the arts community she'd wish on them were people insane enough to allow her power and influence and became about some hack marking territory. It might seem odd that sanity and decency were restored to the proceedings when some jerk politician took over but that's life; slithering filth are better for the community that idiot idealists like Elly.
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