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Liz: Perception versus reality.

I think it's fair to say that the Liz Patterson we saw attending public school was fairly slow on the uptake; we've all seen people who were perfectly nice who simply didn't quite understand what the teachers were trying to tell them. What the people who shook their heads in sympathy when being reminded of the girl in pigtails with her face frozen in a baffled, overwhelmed frown didn't realize is that she thought that she was a victim of unfair treatment. Since she's a more passive, withdrawn version of her lazy, paranoid idiot of a mother, she not only spent her career as a student trying not to understand that people didn't warm to her because she stormed around in a semi-permanent bad mood caused by an imperfection that only she saw, she never actually seemed to notice what was right in front of her. And behind her. And rifling through her garbage like a damned raccoon.

Speaking of her on-and-off relationship with the ineffable Anthony, she doesn't realize that most people think that she played her cards horribly; here's some idiot who she's too stupid to realize is stalking her and she can't work past her innate timidity to do anything about it aside from chanting slogans about how on the ball she is. She also has no idea why people call her a tease and a homewrecker (not that she's either) and, since she doesn't especially want to learn things about herself because awareness is scary, hates people like Thérèse with the heat of a thousand suns for trying to get her to look in the mirror and confront the whiny, clingy, oblivious, passive-aggressive lump of nothing who's going to spend the rest of her life yowling about how unfair it is that everyone else in her class is being given privileges picky-faces want to deny her. Said haters are, of course, cringing in despair at the prospect of someone who just doesn't get it because she drifts through life in a fog. This reminds me of the only thing I don't care for about Thérèse: her thinking that Liz is an active partner in Operation: Destroy Her Marriage. Active is the one thing Liz isn't; she doesn't know that her timidity, lack of awareness of how things work and need to please her parents was misinterpreted by Eric and Warren any more than she can figure out that Mike felt (and always will feel) as if her presence means that sooner or later, he'll be placed on the curb with the other obsolete garbage John and Elly don't need. Simply put, what she gets done is not being able to read the room and clinging to people who will never give her what she wants and needs. 
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