dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Nice Guys finish up comic strips.....

As has been remarked upon so many times, it's beginning to lose all impact, Anthony Caine is what people call a Nice Guy™ or, as we say in English, a whiny, shlumpy, entitled, lazy, charmless, witless, misogynistic, blame-evading assclown who thinks that the Sun shines out his sphincter, who won't admit that he has any flaws and blames the woman for the collapse of the relationship his piss poor behavior helps destroy and who shamelessly denigrates his betters because he'd rather not admit that he's a humorless idiot whose only real appeal is that he's so pathetic, it stirs the maternal instinct in a potential partner. Were one to ask Thérèse what she saw in him, she'd probably tell you that he made her think of a homely puppy that looked as if it needed a little love. This is because, aside from confusing Liz with a person who does things that don't involve whining or curling up in a ball, she's rooted in objective reality. When she overheard people talking about what a funny, witty, charming person and go-getter the humorless, brainless, charmless, morose, directionless drip she married was, she assumed that they were simply being kind and trying to make him feel better about himself. My guess is that despite knowing that he believes all those things about himself, she has no idea that the Pattersons share his beliefs; that's because she lives in a world wherein people can't afford the luxury of self-deception. It makes no sense to her that a whole family of people can be so twisted up inside that they can't see through the boastings and blame evading rants of a frustrated dodo who blames everyone but himself for his own lack of drive and lifetime of failure; this is because she doesn't know that the daughter she kinda wishes she had time for is being raised by Anthony's 'kind'; Since she's only had the most limited direct contact with the family of the clingy invertebrate she confused with a gold digger, she doesn't realize that they spend their free time alternating between despising her and pitying her or that they've spent so much time lying to themselves, they instinctively defend anyone who's subjected to the mildest bit of criticism. It would take forever to explain that her actually suggesting solutions to clearly-identified problems is why they despise her because she can't quite wrap her head around the idea that she's supposed to stew in her own juices and do stuff she hates to impress people who don't matter. Given that she's more or less like us, she'd probably describe the last few years of her life as rotating around a starter marriage that failed and a clingy annoyance who didn't understand the stakes because she was sort of dim; it would never occur to her that the assessment she made about how the Pattersons bore her active ill well was right after all.
Tags: blandthony

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