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So naive about themselves.

As we all know, the Pattersons tend to be baffled by the existence of people who aren't sympathetic to the mean ends and fatuous, self-serving goals they've set for themselves; it baffles them, for instance, when someone comes along and tells them that it looks as if they actively tried to destroy Thérèse's marriage simply because it was an inconvenient obstacle. That, of course, is immediately followed by an incoherent attempt to state that they did no such thing; according to them, all the blame for what happened is that she wanted more than Fate alloted her. Anyone not beholden to them financially would respond by exhorting them to not urinate on his or her leg and declare that it's raining. We know that they decided that Liz must marry Anthony at all costs because it was convenient for them and them alone. It matters not that neither person likes one another or, given what we've seen, is really compatible; John and Elly need to control Gordon and need to make sure that Liz pays them back all the money they spent raising her since they couldn't spend it on themselves like they wanted to. Since their perception of those around them is as warped as their self-concept, a Patterson regards someone who doesn't like them as being either jealous or deluded; the idea that someone could have an honest dislike for what a Foob wants might lead that person to the dangerous conclusion that he or she is doing something he or she should not. That way leads to the eternal humiliation of being forced to constantly apologize and never being allowed to get up off the floor; simply put, we're dealing with a bunch of spoiled children who think that admitting error leads to eternal torment.

The saddest part, of course, is that the same people who the Pattersons describe as being jealous picky-faces who basically hate themselves and need to ruin other people's fun actually sort of just pity them; that's because the Pattersons themselves are filled with self-loathing, envy and malice and it bothers them that other people are having more fun than they are. As a matter of fact, the idea of really enjoying life so bothers them, they've forted themselves up in their bunkers so they can rid themselves of the last shreds of the humanity they despise so much.
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