dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Rebeccah happened. (Note the tense.)

Just when we thought we might actually see a resolution to the Lizthony story arc, Lynn left us hanging again. Even though I'd prefer to see it end, one way or another, I should have realized that the artist's ultra-short attention span would mean she'd cut away to another story arc. I would have looked forward to the house-moving mess just to see how that's going but it looks like we're in for more of April's insane feud with Becky. As we all know, the approximate cause of the thing is that Becky makes April feel inadequate. Rather than admit that Becky's doing better than she is because she puts in the effort and has more going for her than she ever will, April resorts to logical absurdities and childish calumnies that would shame J. Jonah Jameson. The brightest ember of lunacy in the Martian creature's barbecue of irrational hostility is her insistence that Becky is some sort of super-celebrity who'll use her star power to get her way. As bwross pointed out, that seems less than likely. What makes a lot more sense is that she's a lucky one-hit wonder who peaked far too early and is now racing from gig to gig to pretend she's not washed up. Since the Patterson family live life in almost perfect isolation from the Great Big Dirty World around them, they don't realize that Becky's fifteen minutes of fame were used up long ago. We know the mess at the Gym Jam was an disappointing ending to a brief career but you can't tell April that. After all, she makes a point of not noticing that Becky still attends the same school and has no entourage or legion of fans so Common Sense will have no appeal to our vengeful former heroine.
Tags: becky, picky-face martian princess creature

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