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On turning into one of them......

One of the more annoying trends that we're reminded of is that Pattersons cannot really put up with things that inconvenience them. It doesn't matter if it's a marriage that frustrates their plans to keep Liz hoooooooome, a child that puts a punctuation mark on Elly's failure to do anything lasting or a customer who's just looking, not letting the Pattersons get their own way is a recipe for passive-aggressive disaster.

We're reminded of this every September when we get our collective noses rubbed in the fact that Elly and John cannot handle the simple fact that their children are growing up and developing distinct personalities; we've already seen that Lizzie's growing independence terrifies Elly because she simply cannot deal with changing circumstances and John reacts to the idea of the least bit of disagreement with his vision of the world with mindless rage. The phase of childhood that alarms John and Elly the most, of course, is adolescence; the idea of the children's growing independence, their need to test limits and, above all, question their authority terrifies and disgusts them. Given that Train Man's default reaction to the merest hint that his children have wills of their own is a fearful and enraged rant about defiance, ingratitude and the overthrow of Western civilization, it's kind of obvious that the second decade of the lives of the Patterson children would be sort of depressing and awful; combine that with Elly's need to blather nonstop about imaginary threats while ignoring real needs and it's not hard to see why it is that I make that joke about "them" being "people who point at the Pattermanse and make the PU gesture."
Tags: child rearing disasters

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