dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The face of Evil!!

One of Lynn's least appealing cheats is her need to make most of her 'bad people' monstrously ugly. Today, we have Jeremy Jones making an asshat of himself and we're reminded that he looks like a Foob-hating half-Orc and always did. The eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil child-hating Mel Kelpfroth calls to mind an incompletely shaved gorilla while his noise-hating lady wife resembles an animated gargoyle. The hateful Mr. Gluttson who tried to force poor, tragic, misunderstood Mike to make a nsty-wasty decision like an adult is positively reptilian in appearance, isn't he? I can think of only two 'villains' who don't look like Lynn cribs outrageously from Fangoria magazine: Paul Wright and Becky Maguire. As we know, Paul tried to seduce Liz into leaving the blessed Nirvana of suburbia where she could flap, honk and screech over sainted non-events to her heart's content and live in a world with empty fulfilment and the shallow void of contributing anything other than children to society. He had to have a handsome face in order to make her live a terrible, terrible USEFUL existence on her own terms, didn't he? Becky, of course, is soon to become wonderful again and reaffirm her fealty to her assigned Patterson so she is graciously permitted to look like a human being. Lynn obviously doesn't live in this world of good-looking sociopaths and homely saints, does she? At least, she tries to pretend she doesn't.
Tags: ogres are us

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