dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On making it look so easy....

I think that we can all safely agree that Elly goes into a situation based on how impressive it would make her look; as an example, she likes the idea of being a mother but, as we've seen, doesn't do very well at it because the day-to-day details of bandaging skinned knees, tending to bruised egos, keeping track of where they are and what they're doing, keeping a cool head and, above all, having to remember that her children depend on her is far more than she could possibly do.

What seems to make it worse is that Elly sees people who seem to have perfect children without any effort that she can see. Since she insists on confusing constantly doing the wrong thing or focusing mindlessly on non-issues with actually putting in the effort required to do what needs to be done, she can't see that the people she hates for making it look easy work harder than she does. Trying to explain this to her would, of course, be an exercise in futility. It would be like trying to tell her that her witlessly racing around the house in a blind rush because her over-focus on the laundry she doesn't do right anyway has eaten away the time that could have been spent doing something productive is why the house never looks clean.

Similarly, it's sort of impossible to explain to Mike and Liz that all the people that they think are frightful suck-ups don't get good grades because they flatter their teachers; having to explain to them that buckling down and getting things done takes less time than standing around bellowing about how haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard math is and how much they haaaaaaaaaaaate it does would be like trying to explain things to a fencepost. Or, if you want something less animated, John.
Tags: pattersons vs the world

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