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John versus Neutering Pets.

As you know, the Pattersons only got around to having a pet neutered when Edgar came into their lives; from what we've seen, the same thoughtlessness that made Elly flake out on getting Farley a license until after he'd been picked up by animal control seems to have taken hold of her when the advice to have her pets spayed or neutered to help limit the number of unwanted pets seems to have only been defeated by the existence of bat-eared proof that they weren't doing so so as to be the boss of her. The really interesting thing about all of this was John's extreme reluctance to deal with the issue; instead of acting like the paragon of rationality he believes himself to be, Train Man acted as if he was next in line to be castrated.

The reason, of course, is fairly obvious given what we know and also explains his bleating refusal to consider getting a vasectomy; as I said before the last time I covered the subject, it's fairly obvious that our boy is primarily motivated by the fear that the women of the world are conspiring to eat his gonads and smile because they're evil and want to eradicate maleness. Taking this fear of being neutered to the logical extreme can also explain his need to paddle his children for asking questions that question his presumptions. The repulsive vanity that keeps him from admitting to being unfair, unfeeling and unkind causes him to live in fear that everyone, everywhere wants to substitute error for his truth and hormones for logic. Normal men, who can face being a shit sometimes, simply don't have much to do with him because, well, who likes being in the company of ridiculous posers?
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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