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Beyond Destiny, Part Five: Getting By With A Lot of Help From Her Serfs.

The implosion of the loveless sham of a marriage that Lynn tried to palm off as a masterwork of romance would, of course, have ramifications beyond forcing Elly to reconsider how she saw her family; it would also make her acknowledge that her efforts to make sure that her golden years were fairly comfortable usually ended up with her and John exploiting the hard work of others. That's because John and Elly have a rather opportunistic view of the world around them wherein people are judged for what they can do for them instead of who they are.

This is sort of why they manoeuvered their children into marrying people that made their own lives easier. As an example, Anthony's not only regarded as a figure of sympathy because he validates all their favorite stereotypes, he's regarded as a great catch because his lack of ambition can be used to ensure that Gordon doesn't make any decisions that the Pattersons don't like no matter how much they'd benefit him.

Similarly, Deanna is better than Rhetta or Martha because she not only makes sure that Mike doesn't get any funny ideas about how he doesn't owe his parents a living, she makes sure that he keeps to the career choice that allows Elly to live vicariously through him.

All this, of course, would change in the post-Train Man era; without John around to reinforce her apathy and inertia, the Elly who'd allowed her conscience free reign would actively question why this should have been. Not only would she realize that she'd set a fairly poor example as a parent, she'd admit at long last that she not only doesn't get a gold star for doing what society expects of her, her children don't owe her the money spent on raising them.

She'd also question the presence of Connie Poirier in her life; a person whose thoughts were clear would probably quickly tire of an envious sycophant trying to convince her to not break certain self-limiting habits because she needs company whining about what might have been.
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