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Beyond Destiny, Part Nine: Daughter from the Same Planet.

As we've seen, Lynn clearly doesn't seem to know what, if anything, to do with the odd combination of the real Katie and the wish-fulfillment fantasy third child we call April. Her stunted imagination makes it fairly hard to imagine what a family dealing with raising a child when her parents are in their forties or fifties would have to do to cope with scraped knees, bruised egos and grad dances when their friends' nests have emptied; she compensates by making April into The Picky-Faced Martian Princess Who's Always In The Wrong No Matter How Right Hating Haters Who Hate Believe Her To Be In The Right.

What that, of course, means is that she's not only the unwitting and unwilling recipient of passive-aggressive nonsense from Elly about how her presence spoiled plans her poooooooooor, long-suffering mother lacked the courage, intellect and stamina to fulfill in the first place, she also has to listen to her imbecile of a father nod his empty head, cluck his tongue as if he had wisdom, experience and a host of other things he wouldn't know if they seized up and punched him in his smug, stupid face and make arch, self-satisfied comments about someone who's more or less a victim of Stockholm syndrome being an entitled little princess.

Given that the new order would more or less start with Death lancing the festering, train-obsessed sore on the buttocks of humanity we call John, the part of Elly's psyche that wants her to realize that it's not April's fault that her mother can't find happiness in things she wasn't really meant to do will no longer have the voice that whines about who she's a victim of oppression echoed back to her in a deeper voice.

My guess is that getting her head on straight will be genetic in that she'll catch it from Liz. As her marriage to a Nice Guy™ collapses because, despite his being there for her, there's no "there" there, she'll probalby start to question all the decisions she made along the way; once she admits to herself that she has no clear idea what love was and when she was in it, she'd probably start to ask herself "What was Jesse actually doing grabbing onto that harmonica April gave me?" This, of course, will lead to the questions "What void in my personality needed to be filled by the lies of a thief passing a petty act of vengeance off as a romantic gesture?" and "Why did I act like April was in the wrong for asking me to see that?"

Once she'd admitted to herself that her need to save face was akin to stepping on a land-mine in order to avoid stepping on a turd, a lot of things about April that she didn't allow to make sense would start to come into rather sharp focus. Things like the Housening; the question "Why did I get all snippy and flippant with someone who was clearly being treated like a piece of furniture nobody really wanted but had to take anyway when I could have solved the problem by getting my own place and relieving the overcrowding that was the problem?" would finally be allowed to be asked in the hands of a better creator.

Said person would also have to deal with Liz's confusion when the person she wanted to apologize to was more accepting than she felt comfortable with; being told that she had no choice to behave the way she did given how she was brought up wouldn't actually soothe her all that much. What it would do is give her common ground with a mother who's equally bemused by a lack of resentment.

This, I should think, would be owing to the fact that at the same time Liz was wondering why her life was a doomed and foolish chase to find an ankle to cower behind and Mike wondering why he let himself end up believing that he owed horses, Elly would finally get around to admitting that April was simply an excuse she made for not getting that degree that wouldn't have solved her problems anyway.

This is not to say that the transition to sanity would be a smooth one, of course; there's a huge obstacle to getting from Foobery to humanity who's invested in being a self-serving dimwit and dragging Elly along with her: Connie.
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