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Beyond Destiny, Part Eleven: Freeing The Horses....

Let's say, for sake of argument, that a new creative team would, as I implied yesterday, be true to Lynn's original vision of the strip by making Elly's sidekick the antagonist she started out as; the means, of course, would be Connie's fury that Elly had tired of dealing with an enabler who gave her good sounding advice with destructive results.

That being said, a re-evaluation of her friendship with Connie would lead Elly to reconsider how she sees Lawrence. While the old Elly was too filled with self-loathing to tell up from down, a woman who knew her own strength would deal with the admission that she'd been given the counter-productive argument that her children owe her things that they don't from a crazy woman and an ignorant man when she herself knew they were wrong by reconsidering the way she's seen by the community at large.

A resurgent friendship with Anne Nichols would seem to me to be the best way to do so; seeing that the woman she despised for being a doormat is a lot better company than the crazy woman she's defriending would do wonders for her. That's because, well, the way things look now, being with Connie seems to be a, well, rather suffocating thing. Connie, you see, would sooner admit that she was wrong to treat Lawrence like a burden than she would share. Anne, on the other hand, seems to be a more jovial, social type who'd help Elly get out of her funk and out of her shell.

The end result of gaining a human and humane perspective is that she'd finally start seeing that she and John were seen less as friendly folks eager to give the worthy a hand up and more as greedy jackasses looking for nest-eggs as a reward for doing the expected. Granted, she'd already have started to admit that she wanted things for her children that they didn't need to make her own life easier; this would just finish what Liz started.

The effect of that would be to finally start standing on her own feet and not expecting lackeys and children to do what she will not; granted, I don't expect her to totally give up her interest in the businesses that she and John invested in. I just expect her to take the phrase 'silent partner' more literally.
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