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Beyond Destiny, Part Fourteen: Divala and the Fist Of Ham.

Somehow at one point during a recent discussion of Mike's questionable behavior at the scene of Deanna's car accident, someone had reminded us of the trip he and Josef Weeder took to Japan to cover the debut of an up-and-coming Canadian fashion designer who went by the name 'Divala'. What happened is that he got his feelings bruised because a busy woman treated him like the non-entity he was. Given how stupid Mike is, he probably expected her to explain why she didn't give him what he wanted when anyone with two clues to rub together would know that it was his function to ask trivial questions like what her favorite color or flavor of ice cream was; for all we know, she even giggled politely when he acted as if he was there to write a serious journalistic work. His reaction to being treated with far more respect than he deserved was to write a vicious hatchet job that torpedoed her career and got him fired.

In the real world, it would simply have ended with his getting fired and Weed castigating him for being a big, ignorant sooky baby throwing a tantrum because his damned diaper hadn't dried out yet; we'd then have to endure general whining from the Pattersaints about how scary and evil Big Boy Town is and how glad they are to cool their heels in the vast suburban day care center called Milborough. Since this is Foob and not a realistic strip, Mike was rewarded for doing something very stupid by being given a job far beyond his meager skills. The question, of course, is how to reconcile the harm that Mike had done because the mean lady treated him like he was some regular shmuck off the street (which he was) with the charming hack a new team would create.

The answer, I should think, would have a parallel to the revitalized new version of Dick Tracy; what's been going on there of late is that the enemies Dick didn't know were still alive have been emerging from the shadows looking for payback; what would happen is that she'd show up on a mildly-fictionalized version of "Late Night with George Stroumboulopoulos" talking about her long struggle to get back in the game after being ambushed by a petulant, vengeful and ignorant rookie who's known for cranking out abuse porn fit only to be made into Canadian miniseries. The cool new Mike would be all about how he'd wanted to make things right but he couldn't see how without making things worse. We might not get the apology that would satisfy but at least we'd have something better than somebody getting struck down with the fist of ham for not treating Mike as if the sun shone out of his ass.
Tags: better destiny, mikerobe: the universal infant

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