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The view from the Nichols house.......

Now that it's been roughly three years since the Settlepocalypse, I'd like to remind you all of something we all already know; simply put, the perspective of other people in the Patterverse when looking back at the Patterpast is bound to be very different from John and Elly's.

I'll use Anne Nichols as my example; given that she was a minor character who used to be a lot more central to the action, she'd have something to say about what went on next door to her. Given that someone she thought was a friend shunned her for years based on a willful misreading of events, she might interpret the events of the Declining Years in a way that Elly would not sympathize with because she herself doesn't much see the point of some of Elly's concerns.

Take, for instance, how little she herself cares that her own children are living their own lives and don't need her to hold her hand. Listening to Elly cluck her tongue in unnecessary sympathy because people she'd raised to be independent were, it probably bothers Anne that her ex-friend needs to do something she wouldn't ask of her children: stay dependent on her because she needs to be needed. In her mind, she's more a grandmother than a parent so Elly's need to surround herself with selfish, lazy and ungrateful adult children would no doubt bother her.

She'd also probably not much care for the Settlepocalypse because it would seem to her what would have happened if Steve had married his little sweetie and left her holding the bag. She'll do the catering because she doesn't want Elly to feed people a cake that's dripping with grease but that's about all. I mean, it's not like Elly would deign to really speak to her what with Connie hanging around.

As for Everyone's Favorite Desperate Love Freak, the same Anne who rejects traditions that don't work doesn't actually care if Connie is a single mother; what probably really bothers her is that the woman is a self-serving lunatic with entitlement issues who's made a patsy out of a muttonhead with a bottomless appetite for flattery. It would seem to her that the idea that she forgave Steve comes from the same place as the ten extra pounds that Elly thinks she has: Connie's fat yap.
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