dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Music Wars....

As a student of the strip, I think that I'm not far off from the truth when I say that Lynn clearly has a love-hate relationship with music; she likes the idea of music as a hobby but making a living of it seems to be inherently bad and those who do so are jerks. We start with Phil being an immature loser until he found The Right Woman who helped him put music to good use, continue on with her stating that Jermy Wormy Jeremy Jones had every right to be a vicious little piece of trash because his dad played in a band and ended with Evil Becky and Not Good Enough For April Gerald trading everything worthwhile for a chance of the illusory glory of the music industry.

This, as howtheduck surmised when analyzing a recent Lynnsight, must be based on her using all these musicians as a back-handed way of getting back at her brother Alan for some perceived slight. The message that she seemed to be trying to convey is that she used music as a means to calm herself down after dealing with her mother. When she was playing music, she wasn't mad at her father or brother and seemed to sharing the love of music that he and she had and that her mother did not as a means of getting closer to him.

Where things all seemed to go wrong was that, well, Alan made a go of being a professional musician and, in her eyes, won the battle that existed only in her bellicose brain. Since Alan 'stole' her sole means of getting close to her father and fending off the lack of interest her mother showed in her own endeavors, she'd soured on playing music. She'll listen to the genres she likes but since it no longer serves any purpose meaningful to her, she doesn't play music and doesn't like the professional musicians who want her to be miserable.
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