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The love of nature and other hindrances.....

I think that we can all safely agree that the strip in which Liz and Paul go for a hike in the woods is one most people think of as their favorite strip. This is because they'd like to think of it as the last real look at Patterlife and declare everything else John and Elly's stupid, self-serving fantasy. There's a problem with this sort of reasoning, however; having Liz and Paul walk off into the sunset after sharing a day in the great outdoors not only deprives John and Elly of their rightful ownership of their child's horses, Lynn clearly seems to be at the very least ill at ease with the wilds.

This is because she impresses me as someone who doesn't like to be inconvenienced by having to go without creature comforts like the anonymity of mall shopping, ready access to doughnut shops and all the other desiderata of suburban life to which she is addicted. This means that one of the things that John, Elly and Anthony have to train Liz to do to be a good little Clara Copperfield is to teach her that wild spaces are scary and bad while living in a flaccid burb with other frustrated drones is good. John and Elly are in this to be paid back for raising her but it impresses me that Anthony might have a different motive. You don't have to look at him for more than a second or two to realize that he's not exactly the sort you'd take on a hike; were he to walk for the impossible distance of FIVE HUNDRED YARDS, he'd collapse into a blubbering heap.
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