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John's train of thought(lessness)

As we've seen and as I've commented on in the past, Lynn really doesn't give us cause to believe that she has all that much sympathy for Rod's interests. Most of you who are going to read this already know that she was baffled by his wanting to resume his dental practice instead of living off of the income the strip provides and really doesn't seem to have overly much liked the dental missions they went on owing to her no longer being the center of attention.

Another area of Rod's life that didn't appear on the comics page was his being a tireless campaigner for good causes in his community. All we need do is look at the online archives for the North Bay Nugget and we'll find him being a voice for one useful campaign or another. Again, since this didn't involve her to any great extent, it was ignored and John presented as a fearful troglodyte who didn't make waves...just like his creator.

That being said, a recent reprint reminds us that it's not enough to merely exact her vengeance on him for wanting to be his own man by making John into a douchebag who makes arch remarks about princesses. Lynn must also twist the man's harmless if not beneficial love of model railroading into something antisocial and almost perverted. As annoyed as I am with the man for the way he handled his love life, I must admit that it's excruciatingly unlikely that he'd do something so baseborn and callous as whine about where his trains would go if Deanna sold the land next to the Tiny Train House.

That being said, it's far more likely that towards the end of their marriage, Doctor Johnston simply stopped caring what Lynn said about his avatar because he had learned long ago that doing so was futile. My guess is that if he knows about Lynn's recent flippant comment about killing John off in a grotesquely demeaning fashion, he'd probably be sending in suggestions merely to close off that chapter of his life.
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