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Lynn's murderous fantasies....

In her latest podcast, Lynn finally got around to answering all the people who asked her if she'd ever thought about starting the strip again. Rather than simply tell them that the Strip Of Destiny is the last word on the Pattersons because she had no interest in what happened to them after the Settlenuptuals and to stop asking questions like that, she did what I half-expected her to do and hid behind her medical issues. That, as I said, was at the least expected.

I also expected her to say that if she did start things up or have them started up for her, Elly would have to be single and more or less trying to find her way in the dating world. That's because I remember that she can't or won't depict anything that she isn't herself currently experiencing. What I did not expect but should have is the means by which John would be removed from the picture. I expected them to drift apart after the kids left because they realized that they had nothing in common or, if he had to die, the peaceful passing-away in his sleep I'd earlier discussed. This was foolish of me because I'd forgotten exactly how much Lynn loves her grudges and hates being slighted.

Ordinarily, this takes the form of scurrilous ad hominem attacks on people who barely remember what they did to offend her but in this instance, it means that John would have to die in a revolting and undignified manner so as to balance the scales in his creator's twisted psyche. I don't know about you but something tells me that Lynn's target demographic are not fans of Spike TV's 1000 Ways To Die and might not exactly appreciate his exiting this world like a villain from the Locher years of Dick Tracy.
Tags: lynn the blogger, lynn vs rod, lynn: failed creator

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