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On conflict in the Foobisphere....

Here's a simple question for you that will tell you a lot about how Lynn sees the world; name an occasion in which someone got into an argument with the Pattersons and didn't do so simply to get them upset. Okay, so that was unfair of me, making you answer a trick question; I just needed to remind you that it never happened. Always and ever, there are two distinct sides to an issue and the opposing side is never really honest about why they're in the Pattersons' faces.

The example that comes most readily to mind was when Elly got a bug up her arse about how April dressed in a manner that suggested that she had both the body and the language that her dowdy, frowning, repressed nag of a mother never did. Instead of there being the argument that she thought that she looked good in the rather tame sun dress or that it was too hot to wear the ensemble of her mother's closed-minded dreams or any other reasonable explanation for her doing so, Lynn posited that April dressed like with a pole dancer with no self-respect merely to antagonize her parents.

When you realize that this was the reason she was given for wanting to ruin the Housening for everyone, you come to the conclusion that Lynn is a very immature person who simply cannot understand that the blacks and whites she sees when looking at any issue are actually shades of grey. I, for one, can see that April had comfort and style on her side and an Elly who wasn't the avatar of a hysterical child would have the legitimate worry about being judged on her appearance by the cruder male specimens on hers. Lynn is incapable of anything that nuanced because she's still thinking like a pre-schooler.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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