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Liz: the awkward years revisited yet again......

As you've no doubt noticed, Elly seems to follow Lynn in preferring John's parents to her own; she might clean her house so as to ape her mother and raise her children the way she believes herself to have been raised but at the end of the day, she prefers the company of people who take her maunderings about boredom and frustration seriously.

As an example of why the Pattersons are preferable to the Richardses, let's remind ourselves that Lizzie spent most of her formative years convinced that she was too ugly to be allowed out in public; part of this, of course, was taking her vindictive assclown brother's hateful lies at all seriously but most of it was due to the fact that other, prettier girls seemed to be more popular. Since she didn't realize or especially want to that her storming around the corridors with a scowl as her umbrella was the real hurdle to her being the center of attention, Elly's broad hints that just maybe the only the ugly thing about her was her attitude went wide of the mark by a parsec or two.

Given that Carrie didn't know who Elly was growing up, she's not as likely to make unfair comments about how she remembered having to say the same damned thing to a daughter who also refused to admit that having the body and the language didn't matter if all she did with them was gripe and feel bad about herself. Good thing for Liz that Elly has a convenient memory; that means that when Françoise comes to her with the same problem, Elly won't call Liz on her hypocrisy.
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