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All Flapandhonks want bad TrainMen.....

One thing you cannot help but notice about John Patterson is his belief that as the man of the house, he has the right to verbally abuse the womenfolk to keep them in line. It never seems to occur to him (mainly because he doesn't want it to occur to him) that the feelings of the people he insults matter despite their absence of testes. This insouciant disregard for the feelings of his family not only enables him to make self-serving comments about princesses that shield him from the dangerous belief that he's a nasty piece of shit who wants to throw his family under the bus so he can play with toys, it allows him to jam a piece of metal into Lizzie's mouth to make the emotional issues that caused her to suck her thumbs worse because squishy emotions are none of his concern. The worst of it, of course, is that he thinks that it's his duty as a husband to keep Elly off-balance mentally so as to remind her that he's the boss of her.

Good thing for him that he married a narcissistic weirdo; as josephusrex reminds us, the need to be demeaned because the pain is delicious is yet another self-limiting symptom of the repulsive vanity that holds Elly back. We've all met someone in our lives who alternates between thinking that he or she's hot shit in a champagne glass and lukewarm diarrhea in a styrofoam cup who cannot and will not extricate him or herself from a toxic relationship with someone who feeds her addiction to the self-abasement he or she sees as proof that if he or she cannot be the greatest, he and she can at least console him or herself by being extremely bad.

This, of course, means that someone with a healthy, balanced self-image would never give the dick the time of day; she'd rather be thought of as uptight, too good for a Nice Guy like John and a whole host of other derogatory things than waste her life dealing with a greasy little non-entity like Train Man.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, john - grinning weirdo

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