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On Giants and Dollwomen........

Here's an interesting thing a lot of observers have noticed over the years that a lot of the couples in the strip "For Better or For Worse" have a signature physicality that puzzles them; said visual anomaly is that of a giant married to a woman half his size. Having to look at a man who could be a point guard for the Sixers if they let lame-ass goofolas into the NBA tower over a little wifey who seems to have been born in Hobbiton instead of Vancouver is one of the things that makes it difficult to look at the strip.

It would be bad enough if John and Elly were the only pairing that didn't have that jarring discrepancy in sizes but that is not the case; Anthony towers over Liz, Gordon dwarfs Tracey, Steve has at least a foot on Annie and Greg was able to get away with treating Lawrence like something he scraped off his shoe because he's larger than Connie. About the only relationship in which the partners are the same size is that between Mike and Deanna.

The question that this leaves us is why does Lynn think that this extreme is not only the norm but desirable; the only answer that seems to make sense relates to Lizzie's need to be pretty for Daddy who is big and strong. Since Lynn is animated by archaic beliefs, the idea that a big, strong man has to defend a dainty, defenseless dollwoman is so deeply ingrained in her psyche, not even the most powerful bunkerbuster in the Pentagon's arsenal could hope to dislodge it.
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