dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lizzie and the Geeked-out chorus......

It's not bad enough that Liz cannot understand that Thérèse's jealousy has nothing at all to do with how she acts towards her and has everything to do with the fact that Anthony couldn't make his longing for his high school crush clearer if he tried. I could understand her not being able to do so because she was raised improperly by idiots who don't know how people think to perpetuate their obliviousness. What bothers me is that her friends can't wait to tell her that Thérèse is the one with the problem.

You see, whenever Liz's friends tell tales out of school about that weird, unfriendly woman that Anthony married, they also act as if Anthony's behavior and her fear for the stability of her marriage are completely disconnected. Anthony, it would seem, cannot help but stand around and mentally undress women in front of his wife and if she were a good person, she'd sit there and take it.

The notion that this sort of thinking gratuitously diminishes and demeans both sexes is not a thought that seems to have occurred to the author; in her mind, the stereotypes, superstitions and snap judgments that litter her mental landscape are not the hindrances to the good life we see them as but universal truths all must acknowledge.

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