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The Geeked-out Chorus, Part Two........

Another curious thing about the way Dawn and Shawna-Marie treat a woman they only really know by reputation is that their contempt and hatred of Thérèse is not limited to their revulsion that she dare feel pain and fear when her husband is exercising his Lynn-given right to have a hormone attack (that's Lynnglish for leering a goggle-eyed leer while mentally undressing anyone who isn't his wife) when confronted with anything with paired X chromosomes. They also cluck their tongues like old biddy hens with their minds planted firmly in the darkest days of the nineteenth century when they tell Liz that the weird, evil French woman dares expect Anthony to live up to the bargain he made to become a house-husband while she pursued her career.

Another thing that bothered them is that giving birth didn't magically turn a career woman "normal"; in their creator's mind, the act of giving birth makes what leading scientists know to be the learned behavior of caring for a child appear as if somehow the inherent property Lynn was raised to think it is. The reason I'm reminding you of this on what is supposedly the third anniversary of the Settlepocalypse is that I hold betwixt thumb and forefinger a nose that reels from the stench of what I can only assume to be the hypocrisy of Dawn Enjo-Unknown and Shawna-Marie Verano-Squiggle.

This is because I expect that they're not finding juggling a career and motherhood that easy at all; what does seem to be easy is projecting their own negative impulses, their fears of screwing up and their petty jealousies of someone they misapprehend as having a better time of things than they are onto the blank canvas of a troubled and ill-used woman. It would never occur to either of them that the feelings of depression and inadequacy that inflict them from time to time or the worry that they're not bonding with their children as quickly or as easily as they've come to expect are what drove the known unknown that they talk smack about to the extreme they shame her for because they're not all that much more mature than Liz is.
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