dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Research, Johnston style.

The latest feature of the Fbofw.com homepage is Lynn's research and development corner. This is clearly meant to explain to her friends in the Yahoo community that her critics are wrong and she actually does research her story lines instead of making it up as she goes along. The problem with that is that she's a known arrogant know-it-all. What I bleieve happens is that she invites someone to explain what would happen in the real world, make a big show of listening to the 'well-meaning ignorant person' and putting on paper what 'everyone' knows 'would REALLY happen'. This is why Mike and Deanna do everything you are NOT supposed to do in a fire, why Shannon lives in an After School Special and especially why Liz stars in a grade Z 'romantic' movie of the week. Their creator has long ago given up trying to find out how the world really works and smiles a big patronizing smile at the silly, silly people who try to replace her stereotypes with real information.
Tags: foob it up real good

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