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Elly's Literary Output Revisited.....

Now that I've reminded you of Liz's pretense that she's a tower of strength that rescued a good man from a shallow schemer, I'd like to get back to her mother's delusion that she's a great author who missed her chance owing to a plot against her.

The reason that this is as ridiculous as Liz's belief that she's been given a second or third chance at "happiness" with Anthony despite still being on her first is Elly's ignorance as to what good literature is. Let's examine her as a poet once more and see what, if anything, her choice of subject matter says about her. As I said before the last time I'd covered the subject, her portfolio consists of trivial and leaden poetry in which she attempts to turn housekeeping into an existential horror as well as asking for praise because she didn't strike an innocent childfor depriving her of sleep. Reading this sort of mush means that what we end up with is a look inside the fractured mind of a very dull and self-absorbed woman who's kind of not cut out to be a full-time parent.

As we also all know, the reaction of her family is at best the apathy of a husband who doesn't quite want to understand that his wife feels as if she's not a person in her own right because the part of him that doesn't want to admit that he sort of is an ogre keeping her down because it's convenient is drinking buddies with the part of him that sees that even though she can't see it, she's making a largish impact despite herself. At worst, it's the active hostility of a troubled little boy who has in it his head that his mother wants to work because she hates him; this leads, of course, to the odd spectacle of the little boy who never apologized to his mother for being a sullen jerk growing to the slobbering boob who can't praise her enough for her help in polishing his writing style. He doesn't realize it but not only is Elly living through him, she's also punishing him by making him look like a fool.
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