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Not Biographical Enough.......

clio_1 made a fairly good point yesterday when she said that Elly should have become a published author; there is, after all, a niche market for her idea of what constitutes good literature. Granted, she'd be known as a writer of self-help books instead of the literary icon she'd planned on being but at least she'd make a name for herself. With that particular concern met, she'd be a damned sight easier to be around and possibly less inclined to want to own horses to make up for a feeling of emptiness in her own life.

What that, of course, would make her is Lynn herself; as the artist said more than once, Elly is what she'd have been had she had no creative outlet. Given the frothingly frustrated mess's whole life from smashing radios to wanting to smash radios all over again has been tainted by the fear that she has no identity of her own and how that dread colors everything she does as well as warping her children, Elly the author would have been a more compelling, sympathetic protagonist than Flapandhonk, the purveyor of greaseburgers.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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