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Taxing one's intellect.....

As I've said before, the Pattersons really don't seem to handle their money at all well; many is the strip that has a frowning protagonist huddled over a kitchen table with a largish pile of bills strewn about demanding to be paid. This is sort of baffling to me because you'd think that someone like John would let whoever does the books for his business take over the joe-boy job of taking care of his household finances and save himself and Elly some aggravation. Why is it that our hero doesn't let a trained professional be the one to impose financial discipline on the screwed-up idiot he thought he was lucky to get? The reason is as simple as he is: he thinks that he's supposed to do his own taxes because it's his household he's bankrolling.

Given that Elly's idea of holding on to important financial statements is to shove them in a drawer and forget them, this is not the best idea he's had; the end result is that every spring, his hair turns a little bit whiter as he has to listen to his wife bleat about the unfairness of being treated like an adult when it's not cool. Given his tendency to think that his school-aged children are a bunch of deadbeats freeloading off of him, tax time is not much fun for them either.

In case it sounds as if the damage their inability to deal with their taxes in a manner consonant with competence is limited to John looking at his family as if they all have pop-art captions detailing how much they cost him floating over their heads, I'd like to remind you that his inability to take Elly's needs seriously lead him to want to not spend money fixing the kitchen he doesn't use and stalling on building the Sweet Suite the spoiled Martian will never occupy.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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