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The antagonism issue yet again revisited......

One of the more annoying parts of reading the comments the Yahoo group made during the Housening is that some of the less forgiving people hated it that April made any sort of objection to not being consulted; the people who were baffled that she didn't trust parents who they believed (despite glaring evidence to the contrary) to have her best interests at heart marched in lockstep with people who wanted to see her get pulverized for the capital offense of being young. The reason for my annoyance is that they failed utterly to see why the Pattersons feared talking to her; instead of John thinking "Chee!! I'd like to reassure her but I don't know what to say because I'm not good at this sort of thing", we have the dullard convinced that his spoiled princess of a daughter wants to whine her way into forcing people who have nowhere else to live into living in the street because she's selfish and evil.

He's not alone in being a turd to someone because he fears victimization, more's the pity; most of the reason that Mike is a shit to Liz is because he thinks that he's being backed into a corner by someone who wants to use her cuteness to get him kicked out of his home and be laughed at and hated. Similarly, Liz presumed to hate Therese because she thought that the woman wanted her to die alone and be isolated from her friends and never, ever be approved of by the family that has no time for her.

Why all this condemnation of the inoffensive because of the misapprehension that they seek a Patterson's utter destruction when all they want is to be left in piece? Simple; the Patterson thinking along these lines lusts for the power to dominate others but doesn't want to admit it. This requires that the viciousness in his or her own darkened heart be projected onto others.
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