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As above, so below: Patterson Nation

As you might have noticed yesterday, josephusrex reminded us all of the factor that allows Lynn to make the sort of sweeping generalizations she does about how everyone of good will must think along the same lines as she does: the fact that there are bus-loads of people who not only agree that Mike, Liz and April owe their parents every last dime spent raising them, they should also grovel for forgiveness for imposing on their parents. This is why the Housening and Settlepocalypse were seen as the Glorious Triumph of Sweet Reason and Honest Values over the Selfishness of the Vain and Hateful instead of the low-grade assassinations of common decency the rest of us saw.

The question that faces us is not only why are there so many people out there in the real world who are so twisted in mind and spirit as to turn words on their heads so that help means ruin and justice means treachery; one must also ask why they insist on their being moral when they are not. It sort of bothers me that people this selfish, cold and dim hide in plain sight amongst the ranks of the indifferent who, while admitting that what they see would be horrific in the real world, has no impact due to its being fiction. What they don't see happening is the repulsive and sick being energized by having their twisted morals repeated back to them.
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