dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Obi-Jim Kefoobi and the Chewbacca-Godwin Defense.....

In a recent post on the Foobiverse Journal, eltiteretista was trying to find out when the Pattersons had turned into the smug, pontificating vermin of the Declining Years and used this lecture from Grandpa Jim as his example; this led to a reminder that this was not the only time that Jim had thundered on high about something that he didn't know all that much about. Over the years, he's told us how awful it is that television has destroyed conversation, how scary it is to deal with the devil computational whoozywhatsits, how terrified he is by the idea that women aren't really passive idiots waiting to be rescued by a dolt like him and how terrible it is that the younger generations aren't transfixed by the hypocrisies that he called morality.

His favorite conversation "ender" is, of course, the incessant invokation of his time in uniform during the Second World War; the reason that the Pattersons let him get away with it is not only because there's no decent way to tell him to keep his opinions to himself lest they be accused of worshipping Hitler, they're the creations of a woman with an Electra complex that's visible from geosynchronous orbit. This, of course, means that just as April is meant to be shamed into silence by Eva Warzone and Luis Refugee, her elders are supposed to drop everything and meekly follow the advice of someone based on his having risked having his brains blasted out for the British Empire.

Not, of course, that it works that way in the real world; the general consensus of the community involved is that after he'd left, the people he'd interrupted with his little speech would shrug, ask themselves what that was in aid of and why someone who looks like the somnolent organic adjunct of a recliner would stoop to using an argument that would shame an internet troll before resuming their bickering. This is because they remember something that people who think like Eva Warzone don't: if you compare someone to Hitler or something to Nazi Germany, you've lost the argument.
Tags: chinnuts, lynn versus the real world

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