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Inorganic Villainy and You: A Reader's Guide.

To get back to talking about how stupid it was for Lynn to not simply have Mira go into a blind rage because the flowers for Deanna's wedding were the wrong shade of ivory and not turn her into a mindless bigot, it was pointed out that doing so revealed a weakness in her craft as a storyteller. That weakness is that she'd started to rely on cartoon villainy when it would have made more sense to simply let Mira's need to micromanage the proceedings escalate to the point wherein a triviality loomed large enough in her mind to potentially destroy the wedding and thus doom her child to misery like some sort of misery-dooming thing. It isn't as if she wouldn't have gotten letters telling her that she had a camera in someone's church so it's sort of hard to support going crazy like she did.

What's worse is that she developed a taste for turning antagonists into cardboard bad guys. Thérèse, as a for instance, was never allowed to be anything other than a cautionary example of how not to live because she wasn't really a person in her own right; what she was was a plot device meant to derail the sick and fatuous 'romance' that Anthony and Liz 'enjoyed'. Giving her traits that people could identify with and admire was not part of Lynn's plan because the woman was there to be evil and threaten Liz with her evil thinking and actions. Having her and Anthony be two otherwise decent people who had a child together from a failed starter marriage would require imagination, empathy and other things Lynn wouldn't recognize if they seized up and bit her so we're looking at a cartoon monster.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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