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What made Evil Mira Evil: A Reminder.....

As we all know, it's more or less agreed that the mother of the bride traditionally gets to call the shots when it comes to planning her daughter's wedding. That being said, it's sort of easy to see why the Pattersons were so eager to believe that Mira was some sort of irrational bully who wanted to dictate to them and win all the time: she took her job seriously and didn't think that she needed to check in with them before making any big decisions. I can understand a stupid young woman with a father complex like Deanna pouting because she hated her mother for not meekly taking orders from HER DAAAAAAADDYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! like she was 'supposed' to; what I can't for the life of me understand is why the Pattersons were equally childish.

As an example of this baffling trend, I can recall Elly pouting like a huffy six year old because Mira told her sight unseen that she'd decided to wear the violet color that Elly wanted to wear. Given that Elly would end up looking like an eggplant in violet while navy blue would actually make her look human, she was been done a solid; not that Elly saw it like that. Other examples of her evil evilness is not really taking into consideration what Deanna has to look at when choosing a wedding dress, micromanaging the floral arrangements and generally giving a damn what the Pattersons have to say because it's not their place to say anything.

The mystery, of course, clears up whenever you see a Patterson talking about how stubborn, irrational and domineering Mira is for not letting them do what they want. Given how often they whoop in anger, horror and disgust whenever she appears, it appears that the thing that they most want to do is totally alienate her from her daughter's life lest she cause THEIR grandchildren to suffer the indignity of being Polish. Not, of course, that they admit to being fearful bigots or anything; like most racists who live in denial, they have lots of Ethnic Friends.
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