dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Weed versus Mira.....

When we look back at the historical record, I think that we can safely agree that Josef Weeder is something of a cad; strip after strip depicts him not only as an irritating bohemian but as a man whose idea of gentlemanly conduct is trying to make fact that he mentally undresses every reasonably attractive woman he sees less obvious. Much like Ted, we're dealing with the social irritant known as the overgrown teenager.

As such, he has a class of human beings that he can safely call a mortal enemy: responsible adults who want him to grow the hell up and live in the real world. Rather than take up photography as a hobby and join his father in useful and productive toil, the spoiled child insists on not seeing that his father is looking out for his best interests and makes a bit of a prat of himself in the process.

It's also why he acts like a stoner Jiminy Cricket by encouraging Mike to treat his mother-in-law like an evil reptilian puppy-eating space alien; since Mira represents the adult world and adult rules that he fears, he's got to "save" his friend from acting like a man instead of a snotty puke whining about grade-school bullcrap. What makes him pathetic as well as ridiculous is that Mira has no real idea that he exists; to her, he's probably known as 'the Scooby-Doo kid in the dark glasses.'
Tags: evil mira, weed: universal infant

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