dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Foob Sense: They don't know they're Evil!!!!

Mira's inability to distinguish Jo Weeder from the rest of the anonymous horde of heterosexuals that her smug, arrogant, whiny, immature layabout of a son-in-law refers to as his friends is symptomatic of a wider problem: to wit, she doesn't seem to have any real idea that the Pattersons regard her as a domineering monster who has to win all the time and wants to freeze them out of THEIR-and-not-HER grandchildren's lives. We've seen that she doesn't get along with Mike because he simply doesn't have the drive to survive that would make him the Great Provider and it sickens her that her daughter makes excuses for her daydreaming slacker of a husband. What she doesn't realize is that the same family who fought her at every turning during the wedding planning because they seemed to identify with the daughter who clearly thought that she wasn't cool enough do so because they believe that she wakes up every morning asking "How can I make the Pattersons miserable today?"

Now, don't get me wrong; she's probably got the Pattersons fairly well sized up in every other respect. She clearly sees that John is a self-satisfied oaf, Elly a passive-aggressive jerkwad, Mike an entitled dumbass, Liz a photostat of her mother and April the family unfavorite. What she doesn't seem to have picked up on is that they regard her as being a manipulative tyrant who wants to use her family politics to control them and make them her slaves. All she seems to see is a clannish bunch of idiots who treat her shabbily because they're still sore about the wedding.

She's, of course, not alone in not having any idea that she's seen as a monster by the Patterson family; as I have said so many times before, Becky hasn't the blindest idea that April and her family live in fear of her because they're convinced that she'll use her star power to crush them into nothing and laugh doing it. She does see a former friend copping an attitude because she left her silly garage band but remains ignorant of the fact that she's regarded as a threat.

The exception that tests this rule of thumb is, of course, Thérèse; she does know that the Pattersons regard her as the second coming of Lucrezia Borgia and has a fair idea of why. The "why", of course, is that she happened to suffer the misfortune of falling hard for a man who came from a small town stocked with small-minded, clannish idiots who didn't like her because she represented not only an outside world they hated but the destruction of their dream of pairing her husband off with some pallid little nonentity who had nothing to contribute to the world aside from passive-aggressive shrieking. She simply sees the Pattersons as being the rabble most closely related to the screaming dunce who wanted to keep a man she thought had potential from achieving it.
Tags: becky, evil mira, one big oblivious family, therese

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