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Children say the most ignored things....

As I've said in the past, the adults in the Patterverse seem to be not all that aware that children actually remember what's said to them. The most glaring example of this trend helped set up April's near drowning sixteen and a half years ago; if you will recall, Elly looked April straight in the face and lied about how there would be nothing to do so as to keep her from wanting to come with her and John; after the cruise, the first thing Elly did when she got home was to phone Connie and boast about all of the exciting things she did. April's "solution" to being lied to was, well, a threat to life and limb that her imbecile of a mother didn't see coming despite being warned that led to a near-catastrophe. You would think that Elly would have learned something from April's explanation as to why she did what she did but, as we saw, all she took away from it was "HUM!!! For some reason that escapes me, April wants more attention than I can provide and hates water; maybe it has something to do with her toppling into the water."

You will have noticed a commonality in all those strips I'd linked to; in exactly none of them had it occurred to Elly that April knew what was going on around her; this is why it's a surprise to her that her children think of her as being a nagging kill-joy whose sole form of pleasure is figuring out new ways to torment them. It also seems to have escaped her attention why it is that April knows going into things that she isn't going to be believed when she says anything; since Elly doesn't seem to be able to connect what she says with what her children do, she can make idiotic remarks about befriending malicious thugs and not get why her child doesn't trust her to look out for her. In her mind, the only time children seem to pay attention to what she's doing is when they want to inconvenience her so the concept that they are doing so all the time is beyond her.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly versus the real world

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