dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meatstuff, Veggiestuff and Elly's Guff.....

Remember back when I'd mentioned that part of the reason for the messy, smacky, gobbly, nasty way in which the Patterson family attacked their food was that Lynn raged against the machine that was her mother's attempt to instill good manners in her defiant child? That, it would seem, is only part of the equation. I remember a first- or second- year strip that had Mike complain that if he didn't bolt down the vile slop she called a meal, he'd end up having to taste it. It so happens that this attempt to make him look like an ungrateful little jerk falls flat for the reason that Lynn and Elly share the annoying habit of trying to bully their offsprings into eating pile-high helpings of things she calls spuds, grub, meatstuff, veggies, stew and casseroles.

Since it has never occurred to Lynn to listen when people tell her that if she gets into an argument with a child, she's already lost, the idea that no amount of hectoring or pleading will get her children to eat things that look and smell gross. It's too bad for the kids that John's being the voice of reason only came into play when Mike was in high school; that's because they had to spend a decade being made to feel like crap because the walking, talking garbage disposal with the ponytail didn't get that not everyone can swallow down everything.
Tags: elly versus the real world, lynn versus her family

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