dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The dictator of the dinner table.

This need Elly has to force children to eat her unpalatable slop is, of course, caused by her belief that parenting is something roughly akin to warfare. She and John, as you will recall, tend to see themselves as fighting a desperate rear-guard battle against children who want to overthrow their parents' authority, unleash anarchy on the world and, worst of all, eat sensible portions of foods that they're willing to eat.

This last part seems to baffle Elly; no amount of advice from self-help books or Anne Nichols can reconcile her to the fact that children simply do not like foods that are mixed together in the unpalatable, sodden mess she calls a casserole. This isn't just because she put so much work into the casserole only to have her children turn their nose up at it for reasons that she won't admit to be valid; it also seems to stem from the fact that her favorite food is "anything that she can stuff down her esophagus". Since there's nothing she won't eat, it baffles and angers her that her children are so 'finicky'.

It's also why she's so ticked off at her neighbors for subverting her attempts to dictate to her children what they eat so that they don't become the boss of her; to her mind, all that their advice about becoming a responsible parent by the subtle masterstroke of listening to what they want means is that they want her to surrender her absolute authority over her offsprings.
Tags: child rearing disasters

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