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Steve and John: a contrast in expectations...

As we're about to see this week, Steve Nichols is far more agitated by Anne's going into labor than she is. The reason, of course, is that he seemed to know very little about female biology and thus tends towards a panicky over-reaction to something that doesn't bother Anne nearly as much since she went through it. We end the arc with her being glad that he was there for her emotionally and him thought-bubbling about how up until that point, he'd thought he was useless. It seems that he learned something about himself because the next time around, he was Annie's rock when she was freaking out about Leah's extra fingers. Sure, he might have wanted to avoid his idiot mother-in-law and whatever nonsense that she brought to the table and he might have an elastic interpretation of the sanctity of his vows but he is always there for Anne when it comes to dealing with his children.

Contrast him with John; while seemingly supportive when she announced that she was expecting April, his rigidity of mind soon came into play and made him something of an obstruction. As we all know, he balked at the idea of home birth, he acted as if giving the child a trendy, modern name was out of the question because traditional names were best, he reacted to Lamaze class by being coated in flopsweat caused by the shrieking horror of dealing with women's business and, above all, he sat on his fat ass and pouted like a little boy confronted with liver and onions when asked to help with April.

You'd look back at this and think that Lynn would acknowledge that Steve Nichols is the better father; you'd be as wrong as we all were when we assumed that the Fauxposal would be an example of the sort of hackneyed D-movie romantic banter that Majors Burns and Houlihan traded in the first four seasons of MASH. Just as Lynn thinks that two mopey idiots sitting on a couch staring into the ether as they guess that they're engaged is the Best Proposal EVER, she thinks that since John's uninvolved ass is physically contiguous to the brood he ignores while Steve is physically absent from the loved ones he wishes he were near, he's a better father because we can see him. As I keep reminding myself, Lynn doesn't quite have enough imagination to see that absence makes the heart grow fonder; her trust issues mandate that she makes it into 'go wander'.
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