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Anne adapts, Elly stays in place....

You know in the past that I've mentioned how Connie and Elly presume to look down with a reproving glare at poor, deluded Anne and how she lets her children go wild and create havoc. How very telling that they look at a woman who doesn't expect children to be grinning little ventriloquist dummies that sit in a glass case, who doesn't assume that a crying child is a self-centered little monster who's only weeping to make Mommy feel bad for wanting time alone, who won't chase either futile and temporary crazes or futile and temporary crushes at the expense of her children's well-being and who is loving, fair, firm and kind and call her a fatuous nitwit who doesn't know what she's doing.

What I failed to mention is another factor that causes Elly and the Patsy to her Edina to roll their eyes in idiot derision: the fact that Anne learns from her past experiences and uses that knowledge to improve herself. When she explained to Elly that the reason she didn't go overboard on the organic excellence of Richard's baby food, she told Elly that since he was her second, she didn't see the need to bother. What we were meant to take away from that was that she'd either gotten lazy or was a big hypocrite; what turned out to be the case was that she'd learned that she didn't need to spend more money than she had when the cheaper alternative was just as good.

Elly can't quite understand that and thus tends to think Annie fickle and silly; that's because she confuses plodding along and stupidly doing the same stupid thing over and over again despite that thing never working with firmness of character.
Tags: anne achronism, elly versus the real world

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