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On Columns, Comic Strips and Coffee Talkers......

As a long-term student of the strip, I've noticed that Lynn's fans tend to want to use it to validate their lives; as howtheduck has said many times, the people who cry buckets of tears because April killed Farley and who make snippy commentary about how it's just make-believe when our point of view makes a point that bothers them do is read it on the most superficial level imaginable. When they see the Patttersons do something they've done, they're delighted to see their lives reflected back to them by the dead-tree, four-panel mirror that is For Better Or For Worse.

That being said, you would think that they might at least trouble themselves to get the name of what it is they're defending from the nasty people who they've convinced themselves to be unable to enjoy anything because they dare to think about what they see and read right. Most of the "Stop being mean, low-down people who think and reason and join us in being happy and mindless" crowd call Lynn's daily dose of poisoned syrup a column instead of its proper name of comic strip. Coffee Talk itself is a column or would be were in on the printed page; the strip itself is still a strip and nothing but a strip.

Not, of course, that Lynn would let anything that said anything remotely like this see the light of day; she seems to prefer the fawning praise of the inattentive and silly who tell her to not strive to better herself to the harsh-to-her voices of who expect her to live up to her potential.
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