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On hovercars......

One of the more amusing (but not in a good way) things about the Patterverse is Lynn's insistence that the only way in which she or anyone else can indicate that a car is moving down the road is to have it hovering inches off the roadbed. The reason for this is probably that she saw a hovercar in an art book once and, having misread the explanation for its defiance of gravity, assumed that doing so is the Only Right Way to do things.

The reason that I'm bringing this up is a recent Lynnsight that had her huff and puff about how she couldn't imagine herself driving a Porsche because it's not practical. In her mind, a car is an indicator who the person driving it is. As proof of this claim, we should probably remember that when Lynn was pleading pathetically with us to like the repellent little slug Anthony and why it was great and glorious that Liz had to sacrifice everything compelling about herself on the pagan altar of her asshole parents' fallacious feelings of privation, one of the things that she posited as a defining characteristic of a character is the vehicle they drive.

This is, of course, because there does seem to be a correlation between vehicle type and owner. As a for instance, a dull, stolid, unimaginative old drone like Elly would have a dull, stolid and eminently "practical" vehicle like a station wagon or SUV while a crazy, free-thinking anarchist who's at war with all that's bland, boring and blowsy (like John or Ted) would drive a sports car and people who want to scare Elly senseless because they want to scare her ride motorbikes.

The thing that escapes Lynn is that Detroit designed it that way so as to be able to exploit human weaknesses in order to move product. Were we still in the era wherein one could have a Model T in any color one desired so long as it was black, Lynn wouldn't be able to use a car to group and tag people and that would be unfair.
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