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Elly and the Library: yet another closer look.....

As you will recall, the column that Elly wrote for the Valley Voice led to her working at the local library for quite a while; as you will also remember, one of the many, many things she holds against her youngest daughter is her being let go from that job. Since she's not very smart and doesn't know much about the world around her, nothing that the other people there might say about budget issues or the like means the least thing to her; she's convinced that if it were not for being tied down with a child in her forties, she would still be working at the library doing her bit to improve the world.

This collapses into a huge pile of absurdity when you remember a fact that no Patterson seems to have realized: how low on the food chain Elly really was. As others have pointed out, she seems to have been given a grandiloquent-sounding title to hide the fact that she was little more than a glorified temp that they had to pay. When the province cut back their funding, it seems to me that they were forced to do something that they didn't want to: take away a bone that they threw to a bored housewife because they felt sorry for her and replace her with a series of temps and interns. That way, the quality of service could be maintained for less money.

Sadly, though, Elly seems not to have figured out or especially wanted to that she would have been let go had she successfully pressured John into having a vasectomy after Elizabeth was born. Rather than admit that she was simply the victim of a budget cutback, she blames her being let go on her enforced absence from the career that only existed in her mind and the child who, to her mind, enforced it because she hated the idea of her mother being free because that's what children are all about.
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